Goodbyes and big sighs

I was standing at the Staples counter seven minutes before they closed last night when I heard myself pleading with the poor soul working the closing shift to please, just please print me one photo, when it hit me: I'm 'that mom'. The meddlesome mom who butts into her kids' social lives, offering unsolicited advice and if and when it is ignored, I'll probably just find my own way around it.

My three-year old has had a friend at her preschool since she was one. Two years is an awfully long time for a friendship when you're only three. Every time I pick her up she is either hugging him or wrestling with him. Sometimes I can't tell which it is. Some days she simply cannot leave without giving him a hug goodbye, others she won't give him the time of day. When we went away on holidays for a week she randomly picked up a piece of bread at dinner and pretended that was her friend. Then she ate it. Or, him, as it were. 

All that to say, she has a great friend who she spends a lot of time with is his last day at her preschool. To be honest, I don't know how aware she will be that he's not there. It's not like there aren't 20 odd other kids for her to play with. And we don't see him on weekends or evenings. But find myself devastated. And hence why I ended up at Staples late last night, begging the guy behind the counter to please print a picture of my daughter with her friend. I tried to pass it off as, "oops, I was supposed to do this annoying thing for a preschool project and I'm a neglectful mom so help a woman out," kind of deal but I think he knew. I think he knew that my daughter had no interest in making a goodbye card for this kid. This was all about me.

Yeah yeah, I'll try to arrange a playdate, but everyone is busy and I'm sure it will fizzle out and we'll all move on. But it's the first time my kid will experience someone important in her life leaving and frankly it's sad. I watched her hand over the photo and card this morning. He smiled shyly and said thank you, and she gave a rather formal, "you're welcome," and they walked off. Probably to fight over a toy.

Mama's Recommended Wine Pairing:

Occasion: for those moments where you find yourself trying to figure out how to gracefully and non-creepily offer to buy another parent's kid so that your own kid doesn't have to lose him

Wine Pairing: Big mournful love calls for a big bold red, the colour of love and pain. Served in a wide-bowled glass you can drown your sorrows and hide your tears behind, this 2013 Cadus Gualtallary Malbec will do just the trick. Feelings schmeelings.



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