Mother Hustling Mondays

I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. I can be a bit of a weekend warrior so by the time Monday morning rolls around I'm usually 100% spent from the previous few days of social plans, family activities and generally getting shit done around the house. And while I'd love to zone out with some old episodes of Grey's Anatomy to keep me company, it's also the first day of the week where my 3-year old is back at preschool, the house is trashed from too much weekend chaos and I have my wine class on Monday nights, which always includes a quiz requiring a bit of study time.

So, my Monday looked something like this:

4am: feed he's not "sleeping through the night" yet. Please don't ask.
7am: wake to a toddler foot in my face. Why is she in our bed? Again.
7:05am: baby starts to cry in his room
7:06am: practice closing my eyes with minimal lid fluttering and evenly timed breaths so my partner believes I am sleeping so maybe I don't have to get up yet
7:10am: watch through lowered lashes as my partner dumps the baby onto the toddler who he proceeds to grab at her hair. Surprise! We're all up.
7:14-7:36am: practice my persuasive communication skills as I talk the toddler into putting on clothes to go to preschool. I threaten her, she calls my bluff. Stare-down ensues. I make a mental note to Google "when kids are smarter than parents". Finally get her out the door. 
8am: Craving carbs I bake muffins. Baby has a blow-out. I debate what's worse...a leaky shit-bomb crawling all over the living room or letting the muffins burn while I deal with him. It ends in a tie, I have 24 fairly dried out mini-muffins and a 'good enough' semi-clean baby on my hands. And hopefully no poop in my muffins. 
9am: out the door with the baby to run errands. He falls asleep for the first nap in 4 days so I do nothing to disturb him which means I sloooowwwwllly walk the aisles and end up buying impulse stuff I know I'm going to end up returning. 
12pm: hand the baby a leftover blueberry pancake and proudly check "lunch" off the to-do list. Do the dishes that I swear were done yesterday but look like they haven't been done in a fortnight.
12:20pm: Clean up the mountain of pancake under the highchair.
12:45pm: Wonder where the baby got a giant purple bruise on his elbow. Consult Dr. Google. Result: blueberry stain.
1pm: Baby is warm, yep, it's a fever. Teeth? Cold? Mystery virus that is sure to destroy our entire household in the next 24-36 hours? Probably.
3:00pm: baby is napping! Twice in one day! Time to review my notes for tonight's wine class quiz on "sweetness".
3:20pm: start thinking about dinner. Make mental note that Mondays should be reserved for processed food night and not tonight's plan of "lobster ravioli with a tomato cream sauce".
3:23pm: dammit the baby is awake. Why? Why??? Attempt to let him self-soothe. Fail. Go get him. 
4:00pm: look up recipe. Feel like idiot to realize cream is required to make a cream sauce. Haul ass to the grocery store to get cream and 2,839,024 other things. 
5:00pm: start dinner, while holding baby, while reviewing my wine notes from last week. 
5:30pm: 3-year old is home and we all manage to eat together. Pasta is delicious and all of us like it. Success! Do the math on how much this lobster ravioli dinner cost and decide this is definitely not a success.
5:55pm: look in the mirror (gah, did I really go to the grocery store like this?) 
6:00pm: Leave for wine class 

The quiz was on the topic of sweetness. I have the taste-tolerance of a hummingbird when it comes to sugar, but have a hard limit on how much sweet wine I can stomach. I think I still have a semi-perma sugar headache from a Christmastime port-overdose back in 2010. I didn't do as well on this quiz as I've done in past...I think I zoned out during some of the previous week's class...I'll have to study up to compensate. And by study up I mean crack open a bottle of port. For research purposes, of course.

Mama's Recommended Wine Pairing:

Occasion: When you have a mother hustlin' Monday that's got you in a whirlwind of physical and mental exhaustion. 

Wine Pairing: The perfect match to a day at frantic high seas is a calm and sweet sipping port, of course. The Kopke 10 year old tawny might be just the thing to smooth the edges and wash away even the most serious case of the Mother Hustling Mondays.


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