Pops + popsicles

Last week we rented a cottage for a week of R&R with my sister's fam and my mum. I packed four books, some good wine, 4,958,053 baby and toddler-related accessories and off we went. Four books! Hahahahahaha. How the hell did I think I'd have time to read four books in a week? I can barely take four uninterrupted pees in a week. I read nothing. 

Midway through the week we lugged the kids to a park for them to burn off some energy. This is a misnomer, by the way. The more energy they expend, the more they generate. Like hamsters in wheels. They had a good time though, and I think I did a decent job of hiding my hurt feelings when my daughter announced she was "driving" the pretend tractor away from our family vacation and back to preschool and, "could I give her a push so she can get there faster." 

park tractor

Once they were good and sweaty, and the baby had eaten enough grass it was time to head back. I pulled up my map and noticed a brewery nearby so we decided to go check it out. My sister was a bit quizzical about our decision to bring the kids to a brewery and I confidently told her that breweries are definitely family friendly venues. I have no clue if this is accurate but it made me feel better about dragging the littles out. Hey, I spent all afternoon at the park. We all have to do things we don't want to on vacation. Don't judge.

So off we trekked. When we got to the first turn my partner said, "well it can't be in here" but I assured him it was. The dirt roads got narrower, and more and more treed until it was down to one single lane. The only signage was a creepy little wooden sign that said, "brewery." I wondered if my sister was right, and that we shouldn't have dragged our sweet babies out to the forest to be imminently murdered. And if we were being lured to our death would we get to taste the beer first? 

brewery sign

We might have turned around it got so creepy (did I mention it was almost dusk? And that there was thunder? Ok, there might not have been thunder. I don't remember. But our weather has been so shitty this summer there's a strong likelihood that there was thunder) but we had gone too far to back out (literally, there was nowhere to turn around and backing up down that long drive would have been very tricky and no doubt would have resulted in an argument between driver and backseat driver). 

creepy ass road

Eventually we arrived at a house and I was pretty sure we were just at some rando's house who happened to enjoy a good brewsky in his basement but lo and behold, a lovely brewery was situated right beside the house. 

Belmont Lake Brewery was a fun little find. We unfortunately only got to sample one beer as they'd run out of all others. We had a chocolate flavoured stout which was pretty good. Lola the dog did an excellent job of licking our baby clean (cleanest he'd been all week in light of being at a cottage for days on end) and the people running the brewery that day were super nice.


Best part of this little side trip? The cooler filled with popsicles. Okay, the cold beer at a picnic table on a hillside overlooking a lake watching people paddle up to come get beer was maybe the best part. But not feeling like an asshole parent because our kid was over the moon excited to have a purple popsicle was really good too. 

popsicles and pints

Mama's recommended wine pairing:

Occasion: When you find yourself careening down a Dexter-like dirt road wondering if the headline about your near-certain family massacre in tomorrow's paper will include the fact that your kids, while ultra adorable, are filthy from a week without a proper bath. 

Wine pairing: It's said that a death-row prisoner's last meal request often includes a dessert. So this type of situation might pair nicely with a sweet dessert wine like this Magnotta Vidal Icewine. The rich sweetness just might quell the bitter taste that sheer terror brings. Cheers!

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