frequently asked questions

Oops! I ordered the wrong size/colour/item. Can I exchange it?
Unfortunately see, all products are custom printed for each order. So if you simply can't deal with what you ordered just do what I do: re-gift that thing and re-order what you wanted in the first place! 

Wow, I am so sleep-deprived I accidentally ordered 1001 tees instead of just 1. Can I ship the extras back? 
Um. No. Sorry about this. Maybe you can come up with some cool new uses for the tees though! Make a quilt? A tent? Start a cult with uniforms for everyone? Seriously though, you can always contact us to talk it out. I'm not saying I can help, but I can commiserate. Twice in the last week alone I have left my purse behind at a store because I am so mother effing tired.  

WTF? I opened my package and there's something so messed up with my order! Who can I talk to about this?
Got something you didn't order? Something missing from your order? Is the product broken or damaged in some way. That sucks. Send a note with a description of what's going on to and we'll get back to you on the double. That's Paw Patrol speak for "right away."

When will I get my order?
Items will be shipped out between 2-14 business days after you make your order. Because each product is made to order (meaning we don't have piles o' stock sitting around waiting to be sent out) these times can vary depending on volume. All orders are shipped from the USA. Note it is possible that international orders may be subject to customs fees or duties.

Can I request a specific product? 
Definitely. I can't guarantee we will be able to stock it, but it's always cool to hear what people are looking to buy.

Hey! You sound cool. Can we have a glass of wine sometime? 
This mama is always up for a glass of wine! Or, you know, an email. Drop me a line at to say hello. You can also learn more about me here.